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Foundation Repair

Where do you need Foundation Repair Services?

Foundation Repair

State of the art techniques allow for a quick, professional, almost unseen foundation repair.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Crawl Space Repair

We have pioneered the field of crawl space repair and encapsulation.

Crawl Space Repair

All your problems begin here.  Let us determine how the water is entering, remove it, and encapsulate your crawl space.

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Concrete Lifting

Whether you're filling a void or fixing a hazard, Don't replace it, Lift it!

Concrete Lifting

Stop waiting to take care of this ugly eyesore.  Our state of the art technology will help you get your peace of mind back in no time.

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Does My House Have Foundation Problems?

Cracking.  In the floor, in the ceiling, inside, outside, or anywhere in or on the house is usually the first sign of a home in need of foundation repair services.  Nobody plans to have nightmare’s over foundation repair prices when they first move into their new home.  It’s a dangerous plague that is sweeping over millions of homes each year.  Since we live in a particularly wet climate, this can be an even greater risk than someone living in a more desert climate state.    The majority of homeowners that are currently searching for a foundation contractor is unbelievable.  In order to give you some guidelines and pointers let’s talk about the signs of foundation problems (besides cracking) and the solutions TN Foundation Repairs offers.

It doesn’t take foundation repair specialists to realize that water climate and change in the weather have a negative impact on the structure of our homes.  Have you ever noticed that when it’s really hot outside your fingers tend to swell up a bit?  On the flip side, when it’s really cold, they shrivel.  Although a slight stretch, this is a good way to think about the effect water has on the soil around our homes.  Living here in Nashville we all know how intense the weather can and will get every year without fail.  When that moisture, usually in the form of rain, comes in and soaks our city, the soil absorbs much of this water.  When soil absorbs water, the soil expands.  After some time, the rain decides to go away and that same expanded soil is now in a state of contraction.  The difference between these two actions before and after means some very bad things for your foundation.  The soil will undoubtedly begin to shift which can also ruin and shift the piers under the home.  If you look up ‘foundation repair youtube,’ you will find videos that support and complement this expanding and contracting of the soil problem.


How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild a Foundation?

Good question.  If this thought is running through your head right now, you are not alone.  This is the number one foundation repair question to ask for every homeowners while searching for a solution to their solution.  We live in a time with access to so much information online and at the touch of a button, that we kind find an answer to any question, including , “what is the average cost for a foundation repair.”  Finding an answer doesn’t guarantee that it’s the right one or even close to correct.  Foundation repair estimates aren’t as easy to give as one would think.  The process is so situation specific that there will never be two house that cost the same, no matter if the foundation repair methods used are the same or not.  Even a service as straight-forward as carpet cleaning can be frustrating because of the wide range in quotes from contractor to contractor.  In our honest effort to explain the difficulty of giving over the phone foundation repair quotes, we inevitable still get asked technique questions such as:

  • Foundation repair cost per pier
  • Pier and beam foundation repair cost
  • Slab foundation repair cost
  • Foundation replacement costs

These questions usually come from those that know a thing or two more than the average homeowner.  This type of individual may even be familiar with some of the foundation repair methods commonly used in our great state of Tennessee.  Their knowledge about underpinning using foam, piers, or driven steel pins can sometimes get them in trouble.  They want to get the average price of a specific foundation repair process and then use that data to calculate what they believe will undoubtedly be their total cost and even the possible financing options available in Nashville and surrounding areas.

Let us close out this conversation by reminding everyone that you would never expect a general contractor to give you a free estimate.  At least not until he or she first looked at the blueprints, did their homework, took their warranty, products, and hard costs into consideration.  TN Foundation Repairs is your local experts and we are here to help.

Finding a Foundation Repair Contractor Near Me

If this is your first rodeo and you want some guidance on the best “foundation repair company in my area” here is a good rule of thumb:  The companies that have the large coverage areas are typically a safe bet.  Having a large coverage area is always correlated with a company doing a lot of jobs.  It’s generally the safest option to stick with the masses.  There’s a reason these large companies do so much business.  Over coverage area covers well over 100 cities in both Tennessee and Kentucky, including:

  • Nashville tn, murfreesboro tn, franklin tn, clarksville tn, knoxville tn, paducah ky, bowling green ky, lexington ky

We cover a large service area because we have the means and the capacity to do so.  We have a lot of foundation repair options that many other companies in our area don’t have, just based on our sheer size.  We are not the best choice for the DIY person reading this.  For the couple of you that are please look up ‘how to’ videos on youtube and research ‘foundation repair home depot.’  Home depot is a good place to get a foundation repair kit, including epoxy, pier and beams, and even equipment rentals.  It is not a good place to find a foundation repair engineer or insurance.  Look up reviews on Google and Yelp on foundation repair companies and see what our customers are saying.

Our Home Owners Say

“When I saw a crack in our foundation, I feared the worst. Thankfully I found TN Foundation Repairs. They were honest and upfront with me throughout the entire process.”

Laura Anderson • HOME OWNER

“One of our tenants notified me of some damage in the crawlspace beneath our duplex. TN foundation repairs came out and got everything fixed quickly and at a great price. Will definitely use their services in the future.”


Crawl Space Repair

If we had to pick a single service here at TN foundation Repairs that was our “bread and butter” service as so to speak, it would undoubtedly be our crawl space encapsulation service.  Foundation repair and crawl space services go hand in hand.  From the years that we have done this and been in this industry, we typically see crawl space water and moisture come first, and then comes the downhill slide.  Lets not beat a dead horse, but if you read our crawl space foundation repair section above we talked about the effect water has on the soil near and around your foundation.  Another reason why you should consider crawl space waterproofing, or at the very least getting a moisture barrier installed.  

A few of the common reasons we have people calling us with crawl space questions are:

  • They have poor air quality in their crawl space or basement
  • In conjunction with that air quality, they are looking for a crawl space odor neutralizer
  • The humidity level is high in their basement
  • The insulation in the crawl space is ruined or needs replacing and they want to know the insulation cost to repair or replace it
  • They can physically feel the humidity in the air and are in search of one of our dehumidifiers.  
  • They have been told they live in a flood zone and suddenly are looking for a crawl space solution
  • They have recently watched one too many crawl space or insulation Youtube videos and are desperately concerned about their crawl space foundation

And on and on the list goes.  As you probably noticed, the questions are all over the board and come from a wide spectrum of different types of people.  Those that want specific information about access doors, jacks, liners, ladders, and power vents are the DIY type.  This group rarely knows what they are getting themselves into, despite actually being fairly handy around the home.  Just because you can spot a little mold (yellow mold) doesn’t necessarily translate over to knowing how to properly lay the vapor barrier or how to properly perform water removal.  

Where To Start

The best advice we can give you based on our experience is to start the process, be it crawl space cleaning, joist repair, or waterproofing with a crawl space quote from three or more crawl space contractors to get an idea on your approximate costs.  We suggest this first because oftentimes, customers are surprised at how inexpensive our service is compared to what they thought it would be in their heads.  That said, we frequently find that customers are shocked at how expensive crawl space foundation repair costs can be if they go into it with the wrong information or have talked to only one company.   

Once you receive a quote from three or more competitors, you can decide whether to use one of the three crawl space repair companies, DIY, or do nothing at all in terms of crawl space renovation.  If money is a real issue, but you do live in a crawl space encapsulation flood zone, you need to get creative really fast and start cleaning the crawl space yourself.  We have seen various homeowners attempt to sell their homes here in Nashville with a water problem under the house, under the deck, or leading to the basement.  It will prove nearly impossible to sell.  

For the Hopeful DIY’er

All jokes aside, there is hope for you weekend warrior that put many less-handy spouses to shame.  We’ve seen DIY jobs done for years.  To be frank we see a lot of these jobs as a result of a poor job done and a need for professional service.  Nonetheless for every terrible crawl space repair DIY job, there are a few out there that have done a terrific job.  Some of the crawl space products you may need depending on the size of the job are a barrier, cover, dehumidifier, (lowes) fan, plastic, sealing, a sump pump, and vent covers.  

It’s true, you can find the answer to anything on the internet.  Just be careful who you choose to listen to.  You wouldn’t let your accountant work on your teeth, so don’t take advice from a non-credible source.  Before you make any decision weigh out the pros and cons and then go with your gut.  

The company you choose does matter.  Don’t base your decision off of a coupon code you see online or because someone tells you there may be a way to qualify for a tax credit.  Look up ‘contractors near me’ and check out their reviews, get them to come give you a free estimate, and shake their hand.  Sure, a company says a lot about themselves just from their website, but meeting in person makes this decision a lot easier.  Your home is the biggest investment of your life, (for most) so do your homework.  We hope that whether it’s something as simple as an inspection, lighting, or excavating you will call us and give us a shot at your business!  As we’ve mentioned time and time again, we offer free estimates to any home owner that requests one.  If you aren’t a homeowner don’t worry, the same deal applies to you.  Much of our time is spent with real estate agents representing homeowners or renters looking to buy.  We are open-minded and never feel that a chance to give some an estimate is a waste of time, even if that person doesn’t buy from us.  What goes around, comes around.  

Lastly, we humbly admit that referrals are the greatest compliment we could ever receive.  The hardest part about any business transaction is winning over someone trust.  When you, a friend, recommend us, it takes that piece of the puzzle entirely out and makes our lives significantly easier.  We have crafted a special discount for the referral and a significant kick-back for the referrer that will make that simple phone call worth every second of your time.